“Successful Business and Education” literally, “The Sun blesses one’s grain field” (front)

“Successful Business and Education” (front)

The central figure, as well as the two on the edges of the talisman, symbolizes the sacrifice to the Sun God. Also, this implicates that the Sun God will always accept the offering. Furthermore, that then leads to the deity granting the one who sacrificed energy, luck, and power. (Before the arrival of Christianity in Russia, sacrifices were thought of as trade-offs; the people would present the spirits with a sacrifice, and they, in turn would give the people whatever they needed.) The two ‘crossed-out diamonds’ on either side of the central symbol stand for fields of grain that are filled with the sun’s energy. Another translation of the pictograph is the sacred marriage of the Sun and Earth. Peasants believed that this image guaranteed plentiful harvest. In simpler terms, the entire design signifies that the Sun and Earth are obliged to maintain beneficial conditions for a harvest. This design was believed to help the main form of work that takes place. (ex: for peasants in ancient Russia it was farming, nowadays it is a person’s job.)

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