I think that actually seeing the scenes gives a very different impression than reading about it. Not to say that one is better than the other, they are different mediums of expression. Culture has different doors, paintings and writings are just two of them. The ease of access of a virtual gallery in the comfort of your home is nonetheless not refused. Furthermore, texts on this subject are not so easy to find in English, and they require time investment. However, books trigger the imagination of the reader, which is not the case with paintings: we simply contemplate someone else’s imagination.

Anyways, we are lucky that very talented Russian artists devoted themselves into the depiction of the said myths and legends. With their paintings, these artists are bypassing the limits of language and offering a vision of the the rich, fantastic and almost phantasmagorical conception that clouds the resting traces of an almost forgotten epoch.

Please note that the vivid and brilliant imageries created by the Russian painters displayed in this section come mostly from an already established virtual gallery : Project Ostrov. The commentaries on most of Ivanov’s painting were translated from Russian using Google Translate, with a little bit of my help and corrected by native russian speakers. Here is the link for those interested (it’s in Russian !:) :

Галерея Остров

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