Boris Olshansky

Boris Olshansky was born in Tambov, February 25, 1956.
Parents – Michael and Barbara Olshansky Fedulovich S. Olshansky (nee Kalingina) – were native of the Tambov province. Their ancestors lived for centuries as peasant on Tambov ground. Plowed the land, sowed grain, raised bees. Boris himself in 1980 graduated from the Penzinskoe art school, and then the Surikov Institute in Moscow.

Since 1983, the artist is a regular participant of regional, zonal, national and international exhibitions. In 1989, B. Olshansky was admitted to the Union of Russian Artists.

With the beginning of perestroika book illustration had to leave. Boris Olshansky started painting. The theme of his paintings became Vedic times in Russia, the legend of the Slavs. Olshansky’s bright, strong historical paintings are always in the public eye at any exhibition. “The history of our region interested me since childhood, – says Boris. – You can say it is in the genes. I collected a wealth of material on the subject. ”

“I’m sure that from heaven our great ancestors closely look upon us . And the inevitable judgment of history. For the future of truth and faith. From disparate historical information and documents rises Great Rus, pre-Christian. With its great history, which was flatly rejected and forgotten. Russian legends, folk epics, traditions, tales – what a grand and colorful imagination and the imagination of the artist! Thank God that there were great devotees and great artists: Ryabushkin Vasnetsov, Nesterov, Surikov, Vasiliev … But few, very few names for such great and mighty power, working in the field of the great and exciting history of Russia.”

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