Vsevolod Ivanov

Born August 14, 1950 in Belomorsk. Father’s occupation was associated with periodic changes of residence: Great Guba village that Zaonezhie Medvezhyegorsk (north of Lake Onega), Kimry (Kalinin, now Tver), Tver.

Participated in the All-Union Exhibition of amateur artists in 1970 (1971), the one that took place in the Moscow Manege.

In 1974 he went to study in the School of Arts in the open office decoration, from which he graduated in 1978. For many years he worked as a designer at a large plant (in distribution), workshops Arts Fund, in sport. During this time, participated in several exhibitions of the national total. They were mostly graphic works on themes of history and fiction.

Vsevolod Ivanov – member of the International Federation of Artists UNESCO.

2003 – The participant of the exhibition of historical painting “The thousand-Russia.” He was awarded a diploma “For contribution to Russian culture.” Painter painting adorn private collections and galleries in many countries. The author of three personal books of painting “Vedic Russia.”

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