This website has been created because of a growing and compelling aspiration to rediscover, recognize and revive the wisdom and knowledge of our distant ancestors.

In the perilous times that we live in, it is crucial to not lose our senses of who we are and what we are capable of. I feel that we have to learn a great deal in a very short amount of time. We have to get out of our amnesia and remember what our forebears knew and embodied.

Ok, but what’s the connection with the folklore ?

Well, since folklore is itself the body of knowledge, beliefs, legends, traditions, customs, etc. that has been carried through time by a certain people, a folk, it should be considered as a primary indication in anyone’s research for primeval culture / way of life.

Now, out of so many equally interesting cultures, why the Slavs ?

In the first place, it might be due to a personal and unexplained inclination towards Russia. I was unconsciously attracted to Russia in young age and it somehow never left me. I however now understand that Russia represents but a fraction of the Slavic cultural heritage. Years later I came across Vladimir Megre’s books, The Ringing Cedars of Siberia. These books simply invigorated my curiosity, especially by bringing to my awareness the existence of the Vedic culture in Russia (Vedrus people).

So the first fundamental motivation behind this website is a driving aspiration to understand who these folks were/are (the Vedic communities of ancient Rus, aka Vedrus, as well as the Slavic societies, including the Slavic Aryans) and how they lived. In the course of my exploration it somehow came to my mind that there is a connection between the original Vedic/Arya culture, which spread in the span of whole Eurasia (if not more), and the Slavic heritage.

On these words, I invite you to react to anything you encounter here.  if any one has anything pertinent to say, may it be a correction, a commentary, a question, or even some more information, you are more than welcomed to do so. If you feel that this page brings something to you, then you can definitely bring something to this page. Ideas work best when they resonate in many minds.

This page IS (meant to be):

  • A window for contemplation of the beauty and mysteries of the rich Slavic /& Vedic cultures of ancient Rus and greater Eurasia.
  • An avail for our imagination to go beyond the limiting borders of our so-called reality.
  • A place for interested people to be exchanging, discussing, debating, sharing and cultivating their thoughts and opinions.
  • An informative platform encouraging fascination, enchantment, exploration and lore.
  • In English, always welcoming any languages. (My mother tongue is French)
  • A totally free-willed and voluntary project.

This page is NOT:

  • A white supremacist / Aryan extremist / racist / ideologically radical / fanatical expression
  • A claim of any kind concerning historical facts or scientific theories
  • A purely objective viewpoint.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Jasza

    …I think you shouldn’t put equality between slavonic culture = russian culture. Russians, as you know, are only a part of slavonic nations. And, because of historical circumnstances, strongly influenced by foreign, central asian tribes, which can be easily noticable not only in culture itself, but also in physical appearance (even Putin has sharp, asian-mongoloid features). That is great paradox, that a nation, that tries to grab whole slavonic ancestry (by creating myths about russian dominant element in not only slav civilization, but the whole human civilization or by copying untruths about “pure” slav and oldest writings which, is cyryllic…wrong! It’s glagolica!) has so little in common with this nowadays. Guess thaat contemporary, very agressive russian nationalism based on falsed version of slav mythology and ancestry has a lot to do with russian ancestry which is largely tribal, nomadic turkic, mongoidal. Pure slavonic genotype and culture still remained in western lands tho, so I strongly reccommend you to visit Slovakia, Czech, Poland or Wetern parts of Ukraine and many more…We even look bit different. Western Slavs largely remained pure nordic type, whereas many Russians represents short, chunky antropomorhic central asian type.

    Great site tho, keep it up!

    1. Uhuli Post author

      Jasza thank you very much for your comment.
      I appreciate it because since the two years this site has been up you are the first to post a instructive comment.
      Concerning Russia you’re right, it represents only a fraction of the slavonic cultural heritage, and not the purest as you say.
      I think when I was young I associated my inexplicable attraction to the slavic culture to Russia because it was most present around me.
      I’m glad the goal of this site is not to understand the history of Russia, for that seems very complex, but really to focus on the slavic folklore.

      Thanks again for bringing this interesting perspective to our awareness!
      and thanks for mentioning glagolica, I never heard about it!

  2. Henning Kuersten

    Hello Vladislav, I am trying to contact you to ask you if I can use one of your pantings in my new Dyatlov book. Please reply.

      1. Henning Kuersten

        Hello Vedislava,

        Thank you for your reply.

        Can you give me the contact of Ivanov, or ask him if I can show this painting in my book, if I credit it.


        Henning Kuersten

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