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Russian – Sanskrit

I’ve been reading an article recently that opened my eyes to some very interesting stuff. It’s about the striking similarities between russian and sanskrit (languages). Language being a fundamental constituent of any culture, I think that the links between russian and sanskrit can bring important contribution to our understanding of the origins of slavonic folklore. The analogy between the vedic and slavic cultures established through language resemblances is most likely to unfold in different aspects of culture (to be researched!)

I would like to let the words speak for themselves here. You will find here lists made by Constantine Leo Borissof in which are juxtaposed the most obvious Russian – Sanskrit cognates verbs and nouns.

As Anastasia (from the Ringing Cedars of Siberia) tells us, the Vedruss civizilation would have, in a very distant past, thrived on the lands of Siberia and maybe in a much wider area (don’t know to what extent, Eurasia certainly). For those who are unfamiliar with the term Vedruss (also spelled Vedrus) it is basicly a contraction of vedic and russian (Rus). There is evidence that some core elements of the vedic culture (based in the principles of Sanatana Dharma) were once long ago present on what is now the vast russian territory. What remains of this today are the artefacts and the intangible relics that we must bring to light if we are to really discern and understand our human story. I feel that becoming aware and consciouss of this almost forgotten era, especialy the way the people led their lives in these times, is something that can help us go through the crisis we are in.